i find it’s really cute and precious when tao said that strangers came and talked to him, then baekhyun actually felt worried and asked him to beware of strangers, let alone tao was still unfamiliar with Korea at that time

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"Whenever I get stressed, if I tell Sehun, my stress gets relieved. We fool around a lot whatever we do, if we do it together, I feel good. When I’m with him, there is no stress."

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luhan x sehun’s chin

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sweating through his super thin white shirt 

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Happy Birthday to f(x)’s finest Amber Josephine Liu 

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hoot hoot motherfucker

 real__pcy: I was sleeping earlier, but at around dawn my eyes opened and I didn’t feel tired, so I watched SHOWTIME episode 6. Though it hasn’t been a full year yet, the memories came flooding back to me and made me realize how much I miss those times. These days, I’m very happy, but I think it’s great that I can conjure up past memories and refresh myself. I love my fellow EXO members and EXO-Ls so much. I hope to cherish this happiness forever and sincerely wish the members and fans that surround me all the best health and happiness. Thank you so much for giving your love to me, Chanyeol, who is far from perfect and is still greatly lacking. I love you! Finally EXO! Let’s love!! (Eternally)

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